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The World has changed, either you change with it or be left behind.

If you are trying to promote your MLM business the same way everyone else does, or the same way all the other companies are promoting their deals, what do you think your chances will be?

The world has gone Mobile and till now there was No Way for you to Capitalize on that.

OK, what is it?GeoTargeting
The Wave of the Future.

We Give you your own Listing and your Own Free GeoFence.
No bait and switch, no gimmicks, it's FREE.

This is Dr. Rick Mayer

I'm bringing this technology to everyone because it WILL help in your business, and it's Totally FREE.
No Bait and Switch, No Gimmicks.

And NO, I'm not trying to Cross Recruit.
This is a FREE system, take it or leave it, it's totally up to you.

I am the Director of The Western Hemisphere for Whats-OUT, a new platform that will take the retail experience to new levels.

I'm bringing this to the team because it just makes sense.
Our revenue will come from the Retail market, not from you. 
But here's the deal, sooner or later everyone in your area will have the App so why would you be conspicously absent from it...especially when it's FREE?

Customers will be downloading the app and once they do, would you want them engaging You or your Competitor?  It's Your Choice.


It's a FindCashApp for a Consumer,
And a FindNewCustomerApp for a Business.

If the app is up and running in your area you are set.
If it isn't, and you want to know how you can get it going, contact me.

I'm not trying to recruit anyone in this, I have a lot of interest and more than likely it will be in your area soon so if it's not, you can simply wait or help get it going.


Why your own GeoFence?

You decide where to have your message delivered, what everyone sees and when.
There are no gimmicks, it's FREE.


When, Where and How?

You control your message through the use of Scenarios.
i.e. If Someone enters your GeoFence, then a Push Notification message shows up on their phone. That can be a message, coupon, link to a page or mini-app.
You can make that happen when they enter, dwell for a certain time, when the leave, whatever you want.
A cool feature is it's Portable.
Market one area this week then across town next week.


Free Tool

The object is to give you a Free System to grow your business, but some will see this as a Real Opportunity in someting that Businesses Really Need.

If you are incomfortable using this Free tool then Don't.

If your area doesn't have exposure to the WhatsOUT app yet and you are interested in getting it going, Click Here.

Dr. Rick Mayer
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